Mucha and Marvel

Last Sunday, I visited the Mucha Exhibition at The National Art Center, Tokyo. Although I went to one three years ago, this time it was a rare chance to see the Slav Epic series outside of Prague. Here are the few pieces we were able to photograph. Unfortunately the floor was very overcrowded and these photos are heavily cropped from the original.

I never thought I would see the Slav Epic paintings in my lifetime and now I hope someday I could visit Prague to visit the Mucha Museum. Perhaps I may go to this exhibit again before the exhibit ends in June.

In the same Roppongi vicinity, we were able to go over to the Marvel Exhibition which was happening at the same time. Unexpectedly, there was a 50-minute wait just to get to the entrance. It felt like I was waiting for a Disney attraction.  

The Marvel Exhibition was great. It reminded me of my highschool pre-college Cartooning course at SVA. My favorite part was seeing the original artworks for the covers and comic pages. It was interesting to see the white outs used on the mistakes from the oxidation. No wonder my professor back then told me to either scrape the paper off or paint over in black as much as possible. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the Ant-Man variant cover done by my favorite manga artist.

I am updating this from Croatia. I will be writing down my experience in the next post.

New Site

Renewed my site for a much cleaner look. Now that I have a day job that isn't art related, I'm hoping to focus more on personal projects on my off time.

Hopefully I could make good use of this blog section.