I'm an illustrator from New Jersey, working in Japan.
Starting 2016, I work as a communication manager for a gaming company.



   Gaia Interactive, Inc. 《Gaia Online》Art Contractor - avatar items (Mar~Nov)

   Imagine Publishing Ltd, 《Advanced Photoshop®》Issue 141 Magazine. work-in-progress & interview

 【Trading Card Game/TCG】
   HobbyJAPAN Co.,Ltd. 《Last Chronicle - ラストクロニクル》trading card illustration

 【SNS Game/ソーシャルゲーム】
   Square Enix Co., Ltd. 《MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY》card illustration


 【Arcade Game/アーケード】
   Square Enix Co.,Ltd. 《LORD OF VERMILION III Ark-cell》 arcade trading card illustration

 【SNS Game/ソーシャルゲーム】
   Social Game Factory, Inc. 《聖痕のアルカナ》 social game illustration
   CAPCOM Co.Ltd. Developed by Grani, Inc. 《Monster Hunter Roar of Cards》 social game illustration


      Side Ranch Co.,Ltd 《絵師で彩る世界の民族衣装図鑑》editorial illustration

 【SNS Game/ソーシャルゲーム】
   Bandai Namco Games, Inc. 《Wizardry ~The Demon Tower Wars~》 character illustration
   Mobile Factory, Inc.《漆黒のレガリア》 social game illustration
   CyberAgent, Inc. 《A's Wonderland》 social game illustration
   COLOPL, Inc. 《SHADOW HAZE》 social game illustration
   DeNA Studios Canada Ltd. 《The Powerful: NYC》  social game illustration


   Shinyusha Co.,Ltd.  《touch》 Volume 8 Magazine. work-in-progress tutorial & interview

   "ELECTROHOP" by The Hair Kid. Album cover artwork

 【SNS Game/ソーシャルゲーム】
   MAGES Inc. (5pb.) 《錬金マイスター》 social game illustration
   Delight Inc. 《Devil Master》 social game illustration
   SMILE-LAB Co., Ltd. Published by Square Enix Co.,Ltd.  《Nirvaana of Genesis》 card illustration
   ATEAM Inc. 《Dark Summoner》 social game illustration
   CROOZ, Inc. 《Deity Wars》 social game illustration


Applibot, Inc. 《Tokyo Gang》& 《Gang Road》 social game illustration